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 About Me


I wish that we were each dropped into our parents' arms with a user manual tucked into our diaper—a thorough and specific guide for each new baby. I'm sure every new parent has had that very thought, and that each of us has wondered at some time, “Why isn't there a book that tells me how I work?”


Those instructions would have saved me 10 years of battling allergies, brain fog, and autoimmune disease, getting worse and worse until eventually: a cancer diagnosis. They would have prevented countless trips to the doctor spent unable to articulate what was going on inside my head. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know that my food choices were dramatically impacting my health and that topical treatments and steroids were only making matters worse. Not until I was truly sick did I realize that I had to make big changes. That’s how it happens for most of us, but it doesn’t need to happen that way for you.


As a health coach, I may not have the instruction manual, and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I will be your guidebook. I’m here to guide you—the expert on yourself—to take control of your health by trusting your instinctual knowledge and by addressing the most basic areas of your life, whether that be food, sleep, stress, or even breathing. I know you can greatly improve what is negatively impacting your life and serving as a negative barrier to your best health. I also know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the available options, by all the diets, drugs, and supplements marketed as an easy fix; it wasn’t until I found functional medicine that I learned, with the help of the right doctors, to search for the true root of my problems and to tackle them head-on through small, meaningful changes in my life. Those small changes tend to snowball and the negative barriers will start dropping away. I want to help you: make being healthy, easy.


My journey was longer than it should have been, but yours doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for the motivation and compassion you need to jumpstart your healthiest life, I am here to support you. Going at it alone is not the easy path. I would love to work with you to find ways to optimize your health and food choices, and get you ready to take on the world. 

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